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52 simple hairstyles step by step DIY DIY hairstyles hair
52 simple hairstyles step by step DIY DIY hairstyles hair from

Are you tired of the same old hairstyle? Do you want to try something new and different? Here are 20+ unique hair styles that you can try, with step by step instructions for each one. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, there’s something here for you.

Short Hair Styles

If you have short hair, you might think your styling options are limited. But that’s not true! Here are some unique styles you can try:

1. The Pixie Cut: This short and sassy cut is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance style. Simply apply some texturizing product, tousle your hair with your fingers, and you’re good to go.

2. The Bob: A classic style that never goes out of fashion, the bob can be customized to suit your face shape and hair texture. Use a flat iron to create sleek, straight lines, or add some curls for a more playful look.

3. The Buzz Cut: For an edgy, androgynous look, try the buzz cut. This style is super low-maintenance, but it’s not for everyone. Make sure you have a symmetrical head shape before trying this one!

Medium Hair Styles

If you have medium length hair, you have a lot of styling options. Here are some unique styles to try:

4. The Half-Up Bun: This style combines the best of both worlds – the sophisticated bun and the playful half-up style. Simply pull the top half of your hair into a bun, leaving the bottom half loose.

5. The Messy Ponytail: This style is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair. Simply gather your hair into a loose ponytail, teasing the crown for some volume, and pulling out some face-framing strands.

6. The Braided Crown: This style is perfect for weddings, proms, or any other formal occasion. Simply braid two sections of hair on either side of your head, pinning them at the back to create a crown.

Long Hair Styles

If you have long hair, the styling possibilities are endless. Here are some unique styles to try:

7. The Fishtail Braid: This style is perfect for those who want a bohemian, beachy look. Simply divide your hair into two sections, and take a small piece from the outside of one section and cross it over to the other side. Repeat until you reach the end.

8. The Side Ponytail: This style is simple but elegant. Simply gather your hair to one side, securing it with an elastic. Tease the crown for some volume, and curl the ends for a polished look.

9. The Waterfall Braid: This style is perfect for those who want a romantic, fairy-tale look. Simply start a regular braid, but drop a section of hair every time you cross over. Pin the end of the braid at the back of your head.


1. Do I need any special tools to create these styles?

No, most of these styles can be created with just a brush, some elastics and bobby pins. If you want to add some extra texture, you can use a curling iron or flat iron.

2. Can I create these styles on my own, or do I need a stylist?

Most of these styles are easy enough to create on your own, especially if you follow the step by step instructions. However, if you’re not confident with your hair styling skills, you can always go to a stylist for help.

3. Will these styles work on all hair types?

Most of these styles will work on all hair types, but some might need some extra product or manipulation to hold. For example, if you have fine hair, you might need to tease your roots for some volume.

4. How long will these styles last?

Most of these styles will last all day, especially if you use some hairspray or other styling product to hold them in place. However, some styles might require touch-ups throughout the day.

5. Can I modify these styles to suit my own preferences?

Of course! These styles are just a starting point – feel free to add your own twist to them, or mix and match different styles to create your own unique look.


There are many pros to trying out new hair styles. Not only can they boost your confidence, but they can also give you a fresh, new look that will turn heads.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying out new hair styles:

– Practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to get it right on the first try – give yourself some time to experiment and figure out what works best for you.

– Use the right products. Make sure you have the right tools and styling products for your hair type and the style you want to create.

– Be patient. Some styles might take longer than others to create, so make sure you have enough time before you start.


Trying out new hair styles can be a fun and rewarding experience. With these 20+ unique styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and personality. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, these step by step instructions will help you achieve the look you want.

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