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Choosing the best exterior house paint colors in the Philippines can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which colors will suit your home best. However, with the right guidance and inspiration, you can easily find the perfect paint colors for your home’s exterior.

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1. Choose colors that complement your surroundings. Consider the color of your roof, surrounding plants, and neighboring homes.

2. Look for inspiration from other homes in your neighborhood. Take a walk and observe the color schemes of houses that catch your eye.

3. Consider the architectural style of your home. Traditional homes tend to look best in classic colors, while modern homes can handle bold and bright hues.

4. Keep in mind the climate in your area. Lighter colors reflect heat and are ideal for hot and sunny climates, while darker colors absorb heat and work best in cooler areas.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Use different colors for the trim, shutters, and front door to add visual interest to your home.

6. Test the colors before committing. Buy small samples of the paint colors you’re considering and try them out on your home’s exterior to see how they look in different lighting conditions.

7. Choose colors that are easy to maintain. Opt for paints that are resistant to fading, peeling, and cracking, especially if your home is located in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions.

8. Don’t forget about the color psychology. Different colors can evoke different emotions, so choose colors that reflect the mood you want your home to convey.

9. Consider the resale value of your home. Neutral colors tend to have broader appeal, making them a safer choice if you plan to sell your home in the future.

10. Hire a professional if you’re unsure. A professional painter can help you choose the best colors for your home’s exterior and ensure that the job is done correctly.


What are the best colors for a small house?

Lighter colors like white, beige, and soft gray can make a small house look more spacious and airy.

What colors are popular in the Philippines?

Earth tones like brown, beige, and terracotta are popular in the Philippines, as they complement the country’s tropical climate and natural surroundings.

What is the best paint for the exterior of a house?

A high-quality, waterproof, and weather-resistant paint like acrylic or elastomeric paint is best for the exterior of a house.

How often should I repaint the exterior of my house?

It depends on the quality of the paint, the climate in your area, and the level of maintenance. However, most exterior paints last between 5-10 years.

Can I paint my house’s exterior by myself?

While it’s possible to paint your house’s exterior by yourself, it’s a time-consuming and physically demanding job. It’s best to hire a professional painter for optimal results.

What colors should I avoid for my home’s exterior?

Avoid colors that clash with your surroundings or are too bright and bold. Also, avoid using too many colors, as it can make your home look chaotic and overwhelming.

How do I choose the right finish for my exterior paint?

Choose a finish that suits the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to. Glossy finishes are more durable but require more maintenance, while matte finishes are less durable but require less upkeep.

What is the average cost of painting the exterior of a house in the Philippines?

The cost of painting the exterior of a house in the Philippines varies depending on factors like the size of the house, the quality of the paint, and the level of surface preparation required. However, the average cost ranges between PHP 20,000 to PHP 50,000.


1. New paint can transform the look of your home’s exterior and increase its curb appeal.

2. Choosing the right paint colors can enhance your home’s architectural features and complement its surroundings.

3. A fresh coat of paint can protect your home from weather damage and increase its lifespan.

4. Painting your home’s exterior can be a cost-effective way to give it a facelift without undergoing major renovations.


1. Take your time to choose the right colors and finishes for your home’s exterior.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations and finishes.

3. Prepare your home’s exterior surfaces properly before painting to ensure optimal results.

4. Hire a professional painter if you’re unsure or don’t have the time and skills to do it yourself.


Choosing the best exterior house paint colors in the Philippines requires careful consideration of factors like your home’s surroundings, architecture, and climate. By following our tips and guidance, you can find the perfect paint colors to enhance your home’s curb appeal and protect it from weather damage.

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