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If you’re a fan of the iconic comedy movie, Friday, you’re probably familiar with the character Pinky. Known for his sharp suits and unforgettable one-liners, Pinky is a popular costume choice for Halloween or any costume party. To help you achieve the perfect Pinky look, we’ve put together this guide.

1. Start with the Suit

The centerpiece of any Pinky costume is the suit. Opt for a classic pinstripe suit in black or grey. Make sure the fit is tailored and sharp, and don’t forget to add a pocket square for extra flair.

2. Add the Accessories

Once you have the suit, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Pinky is known for his high-end taste, so don’t be afraid to splurge on accessories like a gold watch, cufflinks, and a tie bar. Finish off the look with a pair of polished dress shoes.

3. Don’t Forget the Hair

Pinky’s signature hairstyle is a low fade with a neat side part. If you don’t have this hairstyle already, consider visiting a barber to get the cut just right. Finish off the look with a touch of pomade or hair gel to keep everything in place.

4. Practice Your Lines

Pinky is known for his quick wit and memorable one-liners. To really sell the costume, practice some of Pinky’s most famous lines, like “You know what I’m sayin’?” and “Don’t be messin’ with my emotions, Smokey.”

5. Have Fun with It

At the end of the day, the most important thing about any costume is that you have fun with it. Pinky is a fun and memorable character to portray, so don’t be afraid to let loose and enjoy the party.


Where can I buy a Pinky suit?

You can find Pinky-inspired suits at most men’s clothing stores. Look for a pinstripe suit in black or grey, and make sure the fit is tailored and sharp.

How can I make my Pinky costume stand out?

Consider adding some unique accessories, like a fancy pocket square or a colorful tie. You can also practice Pinky’s signature catchphrases to really sell the costume.

Can I wear a wig for the hairstyle?

Yes, if you don’t want to cut your hair into a low fade, you can opt for a wig that mimics Pinky’s hairstyle. Just make sure the wig looks natural and is securely attached.

What should I do if I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a costume?

You can still achieve a great Pinky look without breaking the bank. Look for affordable suits at thrift stores, and add accessories like a fake gold watch or cufflinks to complete the look.

Can I wear this costume to a work party?

It depends on the dress code of your workplace. If the party is more casual, a Pinky costume could be a fun and appropriate choice. However, if the party is more formal, you may want to opt for a different costume.


• Pinky is a recognizable and fun character to dress up as.

• The costume is easy to put together with a suit and accessories.

• You can customize the look with unique accessories and catchphrases.


• Practice Pinky’s catchphrases to really sell the costume.

• Don’t forget the little details, like a pocket square or tie bar.

• Have fun with the costume and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Dressing up as Pinky from Friday is a great choice for any costume party. With a sharp suit, polished accessories, and a neat hairstyle, you can easily achieve the perfect Pinky look. Practice his catchphrases and don’t forget to have fun with the costume.

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